About Us

Right from the days of yore, the true spirit of tourism was always to facilitate a cultural exchange between people, promote love and bonding, a learning experience and some time for self-reflection. Over time with rapid commercialization, this spirit has been muddled behind the façade of big five star hotels. We believe that the rural region of a country displays its true identity, maybe that’s why they say – the soul of a country lies in its countryside!

“I was not born for one corner, The whole world is my native land”- Seneca

It is in this true spirit of tourism, in the true spirit of humanity that we launched native folks in 2014.

“Rural Experiences for Urban hearts!” We empower the local families and communities by providing them social, economic and cultural benefits with the help of unique and flavorful community based tourism activities.  At the same time empower our guests to not only opt for relaxing but exploratory and meaningful travel.

Come embrace native folks, go back with stories of having met some amazing people, travel to some exotic countryside locations, having absorbed the rich local culture and memories/bonds that you shall cherish forever.

We are a small bunch of enthusiasts who are chasing the dream of sustainable development in the locations we work in!

We would love to listen to you and talk about possibilities. So if you are excited about sharing a new idea or joining us on a trip do give us a call at +91-9607013300 or send an email at info@nativefolks.com